Horse Grooming kit and Tack room chat

I have always wanted to write about my tack room. So, let’s get started with my boots, I have 3 pairs of boots, two of these are my practice boots, I don’t feel comfortable riding without my boots, but I can ride without them anyway. While the third one is my competition boot. They’re technically a show boot super shiny super nice really easy to clean.

The next thing in my tack box is 2 sets of equine bandages, and I have their bandages with matching saddle pads. I have the black under bandage which I use for practice and warm-up, while I use the red one for competition. They are clean, really long and I love them.
The next one my nice double Bridle, I got this few months ago and I love it, it’s a nice brown leather a little bit different for dressage to have broad leather but I like it.

We cannot forget about horse grooming kit. I use Equeenex kit which has everything you might need for your grooming needs. From face brush to curry comb and sweat scraper.

Okay now, what I have next is my saddle, I have 2 of them, the general-purpose saddle and the dressage saddle, I use the general-purpose saddle for practice while I use the dressage saddle for competitions.

Then I’ve got my pink riding helmet, it’s super cool and I love it. And this is one thing I cannot ride without, I don’t feel safe riding without my helmet. I feel protected by it.
Next to my helmet is the grooming kit, it contains; the grooming kit bag, dandy brush, water brush, tail brush, body brush, hoof pick, metal and rubber curry combs, mane comb, and sweat scraper.

I also have different riding jackets, they include a rain jacket, thick jackets, thin jackets, and riding jackets. I get to change jackets depending on the environmental condition.

I’ve got a gag I’ve been using it for a while now, it is the oldest of my tack, it is very old and super heavy, and it’s a little bit softer on the sides. Next is the breastplate, I like showjumping when I’ve got the breastplate on.

with a saddle pad, I’ve got all sorts of different saddle pads, they are very nice, I could know if I am riding a horse without the saddle pads.
Well, I can’t without mentioning of ibuprofen, I’ve always got this in my tack box because you never know when you might need it.
And so that’s all I’ve to go in my tack box.

Is your horse acting like a baby?

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