My favorite Equestrian Film

In this blog, I want to talk about my Favorite equestrian film. There are several equestrian movies out there, but my favorite among all is “Mustang Hidalgo”. Once a long time there was a washed-up soldier whose great gift was an unusual affinity he had with his horse. The man and the horse entered race after race and won them. One day a great Arabian sultan heard of their reputation and invited him to ride in the longest, most grueling horse race in the world, The Ocean of Fire. Though he was an inferior human being and his horse wasn’t a fancy purebred, he was American and he had more spunk, plus a lot of inspiration from his Sioux ancestors, so of course, he won the race, the affection (if not true love) of the Sultan’s daughter, and the Million-dollar prize money.

This movie made me set a goal to win an equine riding race competitions. I remember practising for the racing competition the day after watching this movie. It also reminds me of how I got to get a lot of new friends when I started riding, and the movie was the inspiration that brought me this far, I also learned to bond with my horse.

I don’t know but the guy’s a born star as far as I’m concerned but the idea that apparently Frank Hopkins is known to have been a bit of a storyteller he in fact is a long-distance horse rider in reality however these stories about a 3,000 mile race on the Arabian Peninsula, there’s parentally no historical proof at this race ever took place that’s essentially a tall tale but that doesn’t concern me, legend is more important than fact you know legends inspire us, they teach us lessons and because of the nature of our world where we have science and we have round-the-clock news coverage it’s hard to have heroes of our own so movies sort of become that placeholder where people used to tell stories tell tales, I think Hidalgo is a great one whether it is fact or fiction I love it, it brings back feelings of a lot of those great tips and movies they don’t make so many anymore, e.g The Mummy, Indiana Jones, but you get my point this is a family friendly sort of action-adventure, the type of film that they don’t make enough of anymore unfortunately, but we can still track them down on DVD or stream and enjoy them for decades to come.

Here are some top interesting equine movies out there I recommend you to watch; Snowy River, Secretariat, Black Stallion, Seabiscuit starring jeff bridges, Warhorse, Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron, Flicka filmed in the Rocky Mountains, National velvet, and Black beauty.

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